Award Winners at UROtech24

Award Winners at UROtech24

UROtech featured a record number of abstract submissions in 2024, spread over 9 sessions. Here are the best, divided between Technology-related and Stone-related (ESUT&EULIS) awards.


3rd Prize:
Uromonitor®: Clinical validation and performance assessment of a urinary biomarker for recurrence in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients
Dr. P. Ramos, Porto (PT) (not pictured)

2nd Prize:
Optical coherence tomography with a newly designed probe on ex-vivo human bladder tissue after radical cystectomy
Drs. M.J. Remmelink, Amsterdam (NL)

1st Prize:
Analysis of 4216 patients of the Refinement in Endoscopic Anatomical enucleation of Prostate (REAP) registry on outcomes of the Thulium Fiber Laser vis a vis High Power Holmium for Anatomical Endoscopic Enucleation of Prostate (AEEP) in a real world multicenter practice
Drs. C. Nedbal, Milan (IT)


Best Research Award:
Deep learning-based framework for automated segmentation and 3D reconstruction of the renal anatomy from CT scans
Dr. P. De Backer, Ghent (BE)

Best Clinical Award:
Is the plasma atherogenic index associated with an increased hazard for calcium oxalate stones? A multicenter cohort study
Dr. M.I. Gökce, Ankara (TR)

Peter Alken Award:
Efficacy and safety of simultaneous bilateral tubeless PCNL
Dr. R. Al-Abboodi, Baghdad (IQ)


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