Introducing UROtech22: A new meeting for 2022

Introducing UROtech22: A new meeting for 2022

The EAU Sections of Uro-Technology and Urolithiasis (ESUT and EULIS) are holding a combined section meeting in 2022, under the banner of UROtech22. The meeting will take place in Istanbul on 26-28 May and feature live surgery, challenging case videos and scientific sessions with experts from both Sections.

Topics to be covered range from BPH and stone disease, to prostate, renal and urothelial cancer. The meeting will examine all the different approaches that the urologist has at his or her disposal – including new robotic platforms. Hands-on-training by the European School of Urology will also be available on 25 May, requiring additional registration.

We spoke to EULIS Chairman Prof. Christian Seitz (Vienna, AT) about his expectations for UROtech22. Prof. Seitz succeeded Prof. Sarica (Istanbul, TR) as EULIS chairman in the summer of 2021. Prof. Sarica is also involved in UROtech22, as Chairman of the local organising committee. Prof. Ali Gözen (Heilbronn, DE) is representing the ESUT contributions to the meeting as its chairman.

“UROtech22 is a new meeting format, as it brings together the EAU Sections of Urolithiasis and Uro-Technology,” says Prof. Seitz. “Both have already successfully worked together for years in the context of the Annual EAU Congress and other projects so it is a logical pairing.”

“Both sections intersect at a core competence within urology: endourology. Many urologists in the world share their interest not only with transurethral or laparoscopic/robotic endourology but also with stone surgery, a main area of urology.”

“With this joint approach we expect to attract more urologists interested in the latest stone related developments, research and surgical skills from all parts of the world.”


For a large part, the EULIS and ESUT programmes will run in parallel at UROtech22, allowing delegates to choose which sessions to attend. Live surgery will be a third “pillar” of the meeting. Prof. Seitz nevertheless expects a certain synergy between the two sections and their traditional audiences:

“Beyond the sessions, I think we can expect a synergy on several levels. This translates into benefits for the audience. A joint meeting like this will combine organisational forces to reduce costs, resulting in reduced entrance fees. This is an aspect important to us to allow as many participants as possible to profit from the distinguished programme and faculty.

“In addition, a world-class faculty, experienced in a variety of surgical procedures and with excellent presentation skills can serve for both sections at the same place and time which is advantageous in today’s traveling challenges.”

Hot Topics
UROtech22 will naturally showcase the latest in uro-technology, from medical instruments to imaging  technology and the latest robotic systems. Prof. Seitz highlights the strong focus on surgery:

“At this meeting we are particularly focusing on surgery, offering live surgery and semi-live cases. These cases and procedures will cover virtually all aspects of stone disease. Plenary and thematic sessions will deal with deeper insights in selected topics.”

“In addition to stone disease, we plan to cover topics related to prostatic diseases, renal and urothelial cancer and many new developments including upcoming robotic platforms.”

UROtech22 is also a chance for new research to be presented. Abstract submission for endourological topics is currently open for inclusion in the scientific Programme. Hands-on training and examinations will take place on Wednesday the 25th, before the regular programme begins. A detailed scientific programme is being prepared by ESUT, EULIS and the local organisers and will be published in the coming weeks on the UROtech22 meeting website.


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