Second edition of UROtech: Cutting edge of urological technology in all forms

Second edition of UROtech: Cutting edge of urological technology in all forms

“UROtech24 represents the foremost example of a technology-focused congress design: as a meeting it facilitates direct interaction between urologists and newly-emerging uro-technologies,” says Prof. Ali Gözen (Ruit, DE), Chairman of the EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT) and co-organiser of the meeting.

UROtech24 will be held in Vienna, Austria on 25-27 January. This second edition of UROtech will be the EAU’s first major scientific meeting of 2024, and its three-day scientific programme involves ESUT, the EAU’s Urolithiasis and Robotics Sections (EULIS and ERUS) and the EAU Working Group on Paediatric Urology (EWPU).

Prof. Gözen explains: “All the individual parts are held together by the EAU as a whole, seamlessly integrating all its associated Sections. All three of our three Sections have a clear affinity for new technologies and collaborate harmoniously within the framework of the UROtech meeting.”

On the addition of EWPU to the programme: “Paediatric urology is increasingly capturing the focus of urologists, with the incorporation of minimally-invasive and endourological techniques which are driving novel surgical approaches. I am confident that the EWPU’s involvement and the audience it attracts will add a special value to the UROtech24 meeting.”

Front and centre: Technology

The UROtech24 scientific programme will feature a wide range of sessions with experts from all participating Sections. The meeting features live surgery that will demonstrate the latest in uro-technology, often in a head-to-head fashion of available approaches. The programme is taking shape and it will include sessions on focal therapy, endourology, stone surgery, imaging, SWL, the latest robotic platforms and much more.

Prof. Gözen: “The programme involves a showcase of the forefront uro-technologies through live and semi-live surgery sessions, followed by thorough discussions with evidence-based scientific knowledge within panel sessions. We mainly structured the programme to optimise the distribution of individual as well as collaborative sessions for the three Sections.”

On the hot topics that delegates can look forward to in Vienna:

“The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in urology is becoming increasingly inevitable, particularly in conjunction with their integration into new robotic platforms. Emerging minimally invasive therapy options for BPH, alongside innovative energy sources as utilised in stone surgery and focal therapy, are further driving this trend. The incorporation of robots designed for navigating through the urinary system, equipped with advanced AI programmes, hints at the future landscape of endoscopic surgeries.”

“Urologists cannot ignore AI and its applications in our field. We must become accustomed to working with it. Additionally, the presentation of new laparoscopic instruments, which effectively bridge the gap between traditional forms of laparoscopic and robotic surgery, will also be a highlight of UROtech24.”

“The growing number of new soft-tissue robotic platforms in the market is causing competition in the market in favour of urologists and will make robotic surgery possible for more patients. So, the attendees will take advantage to join the ERUS session and gain firsthand insights.”

 A meeting in development

This will be the second edition of UROtech, after a well-received first edition in Istanbul in the spring of 2022. Prof. Gözen was the informal host of that edition and reflects on the lessons learned:

“The first edition of the Urotech meeting garnered exceptional satisfaction and appreciation from participants, even amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Only two years later, we already find ourselves immersed in the next wave of innovative technologies, particularly in the fields of imaging, AI, endourology, and new energy sources.”

UROtech has its own mission and unique features for its audience:

“With UROtech, our goal was to create a more pragmatic and focused meeting centred around technological advancements in urology, grounded in the latest scientific literature. Our target audience is urologists, driven by a curiosity about emerging technologies and a strong desire to integrate them into their daily clinical routines.”

“Our emphasis on visual elements, like surgical demonstrations, within the concept aims to enhance learning and foster collaborative knowledge sharing. Attendees will have direct access to expert EAU faculty and representatives from production companies, ensuring the delivery of evidence-based scientific insights.”

The organisers believe that UROtech24 will also find its audience due to its convenient and storied setting:  “Vienna, with its attractive and highly accessible location in the heart of Europe, ensures easy and enjoyable attendance for participants.”


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