UROtech24 has started!

UROtech24 has started!

UROtech24 is off to a flying start in Vienna today, January 25th 2024. UROtech is a joint meeting of the EAU Sections of Uro-Technology and Urolithiasis (ESUT and EULIS), in collaboration with the Robotic Section and Paediatric Working group (ERUS and EWPU). This is the second edition after its debut in Istanbul in May 2022.

Over 400 participants from 50 countries are expected in the Austrian capital over the coming three days, arriving for an update from leading experts in far-ranging topics covering endourology, imaging, stone prevention and treatment, laparoscopic and robotic surgery, paediatrics and much more that’s relevant to the practicing urologist. Next to live surgery and state-of-the-art lectures, nine abstract sessions are also taking place, reflecting the high number of quality abstracts received by the scientific committee, as well as the ongoing research into emerging technology.

  • Live updates can be found on our Twitter (X) account, photos will be added to our Facebook page and (with highlights on Instagram), and written reports can be found on the meeting website, urotech24.org

EAU Secretary General (and Austria native) Prof. Arnulf Stenzl started proceedings, pointing out to the audience that this meeting addressed at least two defining topics for urologists: stones and BPH.

“Urology has always been engulfed in technology. Centuries ago we were trying to enter the body via natural orifices and we had to develop the instruments to let us do that. Technology has developed and developed to where we find ourselves these days: a vast number of treatment options for urological disease and stones, some also incredibly complex and, dare I say, expensive.”

“It’s important that we have meetings like UROtech where experts take a critical look at the technology on offer, that we offer education and develop our knowledge in this field. We are very proud to offer this meeting for the second time: a large meeting devoting itself to endourology, BPH, stones and more. We look forward to having you in the beautiful surroundings of Vienna, to discuss all the latest developments, and for you to spread the messages back at home.”

Proud history

Representing local urology departments, Prof. Shahrokh Shariat welcomed the audience to his Vienna. He pointed out that Vienna can be seen as the birthplace of endourology, with Bozzini creating his “lichtleiter”, the first successful light conductor that projected light into the body and was a forerunner of modern cystoscopes. Vienna would again play an important part in the development of urology seventy years later, when German (proto-)urologist Maximilian Nietze tasked the Viennese instrument maker Josef Leiter to create revolutionary urethroscopes. “Come visit the Josephinum, the Medical History Museum in Vienna where these instruments are on display,” Shariat invited the audience.

“We are proud to offer a great programme, featuring the most exciting novel developments. See technology that will be standard tomorrow, already today in the exhibition. Look forward to the academic part of the programme where we will discuss which instruments are of value, which of the newcomers will prevail? Compliments to all of the Sections who joined their efforts, under the EAU’s umbrella, and special thanks to Prof. Christian Seitz for leading the surgical part.”

The day then kicked off with the first of UROtech24’s two four and a half-hour (semi) Live Surgery sessions. In other rooms, delegates could get updates on Focal Therapy, new stone surgery technology, or watch researchers present in Abstract Sessions.


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